We are a diverse group of individuals who live in and around the Denton County, Texas area with one thing in common our dedication to riding Harley‑Davidson 2014_aehog_pic650motorcycles.  We are family friendly and welcome all!

Our motto is Ride and Have Fun. Everything that we do as a group is for this sole purpose. Feel free to tour our website in order to get an idea of some of the things we enjoy doing and how you can be a part of the fun.


Excuse our mess for just a little while as we update this site. If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t be alarmed, it may take us a few days to get all the content back up and running. We look forward to you coming back often to see what’s new here at AEHOG.

We are continuing to populate pages, and will change on nearly a daily basis for a while to come. Be sure to visit and see what’s new, participate on the forum — feel free to post a topic and chat it up!  Remember that the forum is single sign on (SSO). This means that if you sign on the front page, there should be no need to sign on again. Please remember to LOG OUT at the same place that you logged in, so that no one else has access to your account.

lost passwordThe calendar is being updated quickly as the Activities director is hard at it, so we will be pulling the link to the old calendar in the near future. If you feel as though you would like to make some notes while it is still available, feel free to access it HERE or head to the calendar page and click on the link right above the new calendar.

Please remember that I am here to help. If you get stuck, or have a suggestion, please feel free to let me know. I will have a “Site Suggestion” place on the forum for you to let me know about your experience or what you would like to see that isn’t on here. This is THE MEMBERSHIPS SITE, so it does matter what you think. There are limitations as to what we can accomplish here, but I am willing to discuss anything! Support responses may be a little slow during the holiday, so please be patient if you are not getting the fast response you are used to. Thanks, and enjoy the ride!  – Bill W. AEHOG WebMaster

Don’t Forget!! Everytime you visit, and you login to use the site… don’t forget to LOG OUT! Several people have experienced the forum not allowing them access once they have left the man_with_exclamation_2site for some time and then come back. Generally speaking this is easily explained away by way of expired cookies in your browser. Best practices for safe internet usage tells us that we should set our browser settings to delete cookies on browser shutdown. I recommend that you set your browser to delete your browser history at shut down as well. All these tasks can be selected to do this automatically for you within your browsers options and settings. Logging back in will automatically call for a new session cookie and allow the single sign on process to sync. Thanks, and safe surfing!

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