We are a diverse group of individuals who live in and around the Denton County, Texas area with one thing in common our dedication to riding Harley‑Davidson 2014_aehog_pic650motorcycles.  We are family friendly and welcome all!

Our motto is Ride and Have Fun. Everything that we do as a group is for this sole purpose. Feel free to tour our website in order to get an idea of some of the things we enjoy doing and how you can be a part of the fun.

Welcome Our Newest Members!

Dianne Powers

Daryl Pokladnik

John Hudspeth

Troy Collins

Gary Rees

Kina Hewitt

Spike Eskins

Roger & Cindy Cranford

Bart Bullard

Robert Blisset

Dave Galliher

Mike Harris

Larry Davenport

Kathy Renshaw

Debbie Reaves

Shon Samples

Harry Michalewicz

John Post

Don Pliler

Mike Rone

Take an inside look at how the Harley-Davidson Vehicle and Powertrain Operations in Kansas City use extreme pressure and heat, robotic precision, and the practiced hands of skilled craftsmen to turn 18-gauge American steel into three-dimensional industrial sculpture.
-Story by Charles Plueddeman


Reservations are now being accepted for the Great Texas Show in the Palo Duro State Park on June 27, 2015.  Please check out the forum for more details.


The Lone Star Challenge is ready for you… Are you ready for the challenge



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